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When was the last time you had the a chimney sweep cleaning? The National Fire Protection Association recommends that the chimney should be cleaned out annually, and if you burn wood, our experience shows that, one cord of wood burned in a fireplace is enough to produce creosote build-up to warrant a cleaning. 

Getting your heater and/or fireplace chimney cleaned helps make sure that your heat vents more efficiently. Carbon monoxide is known as the "silent killer", it is a poisonous gas thats colorless, and odorless. Carbon monoxide is a bi-product of combustion. Getting your chimney cleaned reduces the chance of getting carbon monoxide leak in the home. It’s very important to keep your home safe!




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Chimney Care and Chimney Repair

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Is your chimney cracked? Are bricks falling off your chimney? What ever your chimney repair needs, DNG, your local chimney repair experts, have it covered. Our experienced technicians and licensed chimney inspectors can fix all facets of chimney restoration, from chimney repair to chimney masonry and rebuilding. Our experts meticulously fix your chimney with attention to detail, and provide masonry work that is attractive and affordable. Contact us today for a quote on our chimney cleaning rates by requesting a quote.



Chimney Liner and Chimney Maintenance

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Chimney deterioration is the leading cause of chimney fires in the United States. Just last year, the National Fire Protection Association reported over 26,000 chimney related fires. This can be easily prevented by utilizing a chimney liner. DNG Complete Home Improvement can help provide a fireplace flue cleaning cost. A chimney liner brings new life and vitality to your chimney. A chimney liner helps prevent excessive acid-laden moisture from deteriorating in the terra-cotta wall of your chimney flue, thereby improving the draft, which in turns makes your heater run more efficiently, and saves you the cost of heating.

At DNG, our liners are top tier, double-walled stainless steel liners, that come with a lifetime warranty. Our stainless steel liner is specifically formulated to withstand the severe conditions present within your chimney. Our liners are impervious to moisture and corrosion, hence it lasts 20% longer than the average chimney liner! Our experts also provide chimney maintenance near you. Contact us today for to request a quote on your chimney project.


Chimney Cap and Crown

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DNG Home Improvement chimney caps come custom and stock. It’s important to protect your chimney with a chimney cap. A chimney cap prevents rain, snow, and sleet from getting into your chimney. Excessive moisture in the chimney causes deterioration of the chimney and could be dangerous for your home. Squirrels also seem to find a way into some chimneys. A chimney cap prevents unwanted animals like birds and rodents, from nesting in your chimney. A cap also prevents leaves and twigs from falling into your chimney. If not addressed, this could cause a puffback. DNG installs caps of all shapes, and sizes, depending on your chimney. All our caps are stainless steel, and they come with lifetime warranty.


Chimney Cap and Crown

Chimney Cap and Crown

Chimney Clean and Sweep

Chimney Clean and Sweep

Chimney Masonry and Repair

Chimney Masonry and Repair

Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair

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